MGMM101 – Medical Microbiology1

Dr. Hadir El-kady

Course lecturer :

Sara Akl Nourhan Samir

Course assistant :

• Be familiar with using the different tools in the microbiology laboratory
• Prepare bacterial culture, sensitivity test and other microbiology tests.

Course objectives :

The course deals with the different group of microorganisms of medical importance. It also defines the basic knowledge about structure, classification ,growth & genetics of the microorganisms of medical importance (e.g. Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi) and highlights the basis of host immune response. It includes a review of different laboratory techniques applicable in the field of microbiology and a classification of different physical and chemical methods used to control microorganisms.

Course description :

Marks Percentage Research and self learning 7 7 %
Assignment 3 3 %
Midterm written exam 1 5 15 %
Final practical exam 25 25 %
Final written exam 50 50 %
Total 100 100 %

Course assessment :

• Goering RV, Dockrell HM, Zuckerman M, Wakelin D, Roitt IM, Mims C and Chiodini PL. Mim,s . Medical Microbiology. 4th edition2008.
• Harvey RA, Champe PC and Fisher BD, 2007, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews: Microbiology, 2nd edition
• Tortora, GJ; Funke, BR and Case CL (2010) Microbiology, an Introduction 10th edition. Pearson Education, Inc.
• Review of Medical Microbiology and immunology, ninth edition, Lang Medical book.2004

Recommended text books :

• Tortora, GJ; Funke, BR and Case CL (2010) Microbiology, an Introduction10th edition. Pearson Education, Inc.
• Harvey RA, Champe PC and Fisher BD, 2007, Lippincott Illustrated Reviews:Microbiology, 2 nd edition
• http:

Recommended refrences :