MGMI 101 - Medical Imaging Informatics

Dr. Ehab Barakat

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

  1. Through this course learning, students will learn the basic concepts, principles, terminology, and technology in medical imaging informatics, which includes PACS system\’s operation, design, and implementation, digitalization and acquisition of medical images, clinic use in radiological sciences.
  2. students will learn current research and development of technologies in radiological modalities, the state-of-the-art of medical image processing, and image compression, storage, achieving, retrieving, image data formation and conversion, image data communications and network.
  3. image data visualization and display, system integrations in health, hospital, radiological information systems, relationship between medical imaging informatics.

Course objectives :

1-Course description: Biomedical Informatics that aims to improve the efficiency, accuracy, usability and reliability of medical imaging services within the healthcare enterprise. It is devoted to the study of how information about and contained within medical images is retrieved, analyzed, enhanced, and exchanged throughout the medical enterprise. As radiology is an inherently data-intensive and technology-driven specialty of medicine, radiologists have become leaders in Imaging Informatics. However, with the proliferation of digitized images across the practice of medicine to include fields such as cardiology, dermatology, surgery, gastroenterology, obstetrics, gynecology and pathology, the advances in Imaging Informatics are also being tested and applied in other areas of medicine. Various industry players and vendors involved with medical imaging, along with IT experts and other biomedical informatics professionals, are contributing and getting involved in this expanding field.

Course description :

Research and interactive learning 7 % Mid-Term 15% Assignment 3% Final exam (Practical) 25% Final exam (Written) 50% Total 100%

Course assessment :

Bui, Alex A.T.; Taira, Ricky K. Medical Imaging Informatics. 1st edition. 2009

Recommended text books :

Bui, Alex A.T.; Taira, Ricky K. Medical Imaging Informatics. 1st edition. 2009

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