MGAC 101 – Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Hesham Mohamed Mostafa Kamel E-Mail: Office Hours (G 118) Dr. Ahmed Salah El-Din El-Kholany E-Mail: Office Hours (G 118)

Course lecturer :

Maram El-Shatanofy Nourhan Gaber Asmaa Saad Hager Ali

Course assistant :

The students will be able to: – Recognize the concepts of Analytical Chemistry. – Understand the qualitative and quantitative analysis. – Deal with different concentration units. – Enable to Perform a Successful Gravimetric analysis. – Understand the Principles Volumetric Analysis. – Have the ability to prepare Standard Solutions

Course objectives :

Analytical Chemistry, qualitative and quantitative analysis, different concentration units, Successful Gravimetric analysis, Principles Volumetric Analysis, Standard Solutions.

Course description :

Project & Assignment (throughout the course) 10% Mid Term 15% Final exam (Practical) 25% Final exam (theoretical) 50% 10% 15% 25% 50%

Course assessment :

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry by Douglas A. Skoog, Donald M. West, F. James Holler, Stanley R. Crouch, Hardcover: 992 pages, Publisher: Brooks Cole

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