MFTN-201 – Therapeutic Nutrition I

Amany A Salama

Course lecturer :

Course assistant :

By the end of this course, student will be able to: 1. Recall basic dietary knowledge from previous related courses 2. Identify NCPM definition and goals 3. Translate the NCP Model into familiar, understandable language. 4. Describe indications for nutrition support in hospital and the community. 5. Explain diet terms such as: Therapeutic Diet, Prudent Diet, Clear Liquid Diet, Full Liquid Diet, Soft Diet, and Regular Diet. 6. Review the principles of dietary modification as well as the guidelines for the application of enteral and parenteral nutrition 7. Describe diets for specified disorders based on the physiological changes underlying these disorders.

Course objectives :

This course is an introduction to hospital nutrition, nutritional care of the patient, and deviation in the metabolism of selected diseases. A brief description of the etiology of nutrition related diseases and the importance of dietary therapy, intervention and education in the treatment of the patient. As well as the fundamentals of therapeutic nutrition and dietary formulation for various diseases and feeding methods

Course description :

Assessment Form c1. Interactive learning 7 c2. Mid-term exam + other activities 18 c3. Final written exam 75

Course assessment :

Mahan, L.K. and Raymond, J. L, Editors. 2017. Krause\’s food & the nutrition care process. 14th Edition. Publisher: Elsevier. Canada.

Recommended text books :

Ellie Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes, Editors. 2013. Understanding Nutrition. 10th Edition. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Recommended refrences :