MFSH301 – Food Safety and Hygiene

Associated Professor/ Hanan M. L. El Gamal

Course lecturer :

Demonstrator/ Nehad Khalid

Course assistant :

By the completion of the course, the students will be able to:
1. Analyze evidence to determine the presence of food borne illness outbreaks.
2. Identify the characteristics of potentially hazardous foods.
3. Differentiate between food borne intoxication, infections, and toxin-mediated infections.
4. Identify types of foodborne contamination.
5. Discuss methods to prevent biological, chemical and physical contamination

Course objectives :

The course focuses on the preparation of food under the best hygienic condition to guarantee its safety for the consumers. It includes the hygienic of meat, milk fish and dairy products. The course includes the principles of food toxicology with emphasis on the toxins present in natural food and food products.

Course description :

1. Interactive learning 7 %
2. Mid-term exam + other activities 18 %
3. Final written exam 75%

Course assessment :

Huub, L. M., Tineke A. M. and John. H. 2005. Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry. Woodhead Publishing Limited.

Recommended text books :

Hayes, P. — Forsythe, S. 2000. Food hygiene, microbiology and HACCP. Gaithersburg Aspen publication, Inc.

Recommended refrences :