MEMS 201 – Management Systems and Health Delivery

Dr.Amna Said Mohamed

Course lecturer :

  • L.A Kariem Saied
  • L.A Sherok Allam

Course assistant :

Types of hospitals, clinics, and special care, emergency, geographic. Distribution- financing of health care delivery: Government and private. Staffing and Training: Physicians, Nurses, Administration, Plant services. Inventory Control: Interaction with drug industry, equipment control.

Course objectives :

To introduce student to the historic development, organization and characteristics of the health care delivery system; current payment and reimbursement systems; accrediting agencies applicable to health care; the functions of health care providers; organizational patterns of health care facilities; medical staff organization and bylaws; and to the health information management profession from its beginnings to the present.

Course description :

Attendance:5 Mid-Term:15 Assignment:5 Final exam (Practical):25 Final exam (Written):50 Total:100

Course assessment :

Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management by Patrice L. Spath Paperback ISBN13: 978-1567935936 2nd Edition

Recommended text books :

Journal of Project Management, Vol. 24 No. 1, pp. 38-52.Boonstra, A. and Govers, M. (2009), “Understanding ERPsystem implementation in a hospital by analysingstakeholders”, New Technology Work & Employment, Vol. 24No. 2, pp. 177-93.

Recommended refrences :