MEME-202 - Medical Electronics (2)

  • Dr. Eslam AlSaba

Course lecturer :

  • N/A

Course assistant :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to; provides the most complete collection of open-standards-based operating systems for meeting the growing software requirements of medical-device manufacturers

Course objectives :

Programmable digital systems; neuro muscular stimulators, hearing aids and microprocessor- based systems (ICU monitors and workstation.) Principle of digital signal processing Digital filters. Biotelemetry.

Course description :

Mid-Term —————————-15 Assignment & Activities —–10 Final exam (Practical) ——–25 Final exam (Written) ———–50 Total ———————————–100

Course assessment :

Joseph D. Bronizo, Donald R. Peterson. The Biomedical Engineering Handbook. Fourth Edition. April 2015

Recommended text books :

oseph D. Bronzino, Donald R. Peterson. Medical Devices and Human Engineering. August 30, 2017. C. Raja Rao, Sujoy K. Guha. Principles of Medical Electronics and Biomedical instrumentation. 2001

Recommended refrences :