MEEC-201 – Basics Of Electrical Circuits

Dr. Eslam AlSaba

Course lecturer :

L.A. Karim Saied A.L. Joseph Adel

Course assistant :

The course objective is to introduce fundamental concepts of electric circuits. Besides, provide students with basic electric circuits analysis techniques. In addition, emphasize practical engineering-based applications

Course objectives :

Basic Concepts: Voltage, current, power, and energy. Independent and dependent voltage and current sources. DC Circuits Analysis: Ohms law, Kirchhoff’s current and voltage laws. Series and parallel DC circuits analysis, nodal analysis, and mesh analysis. Superposition, source transformation, and maximum power transfer theorems, Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems. Capacitance and Inductance: series and parallel connections of capacitors and inductors. AC Circuits Analysis: Sinusoidal sources, rms value, phasor representation, complex impedances. Kirchhoff’s laws in the phasor domain, parallel and series AC circuits

Course description :

Mid-Term ——————————-15 Assignment & Activities ——- 10 Final exam (Practical) ———- 25 Final exam (Written) ———— 50 Total ———————————— 100

Course assessment :

Electric Circuit Analysis by David E. Johnson, Johnny R. Johnson, John L. Hilburn and Peter D. Scott (Hardcover – Jan 1 1997). Fundamentals of Electric Circuit Analysis by Clayton R. Paul (Paperback – May 25 2000). Electric Circuit Analysis by Charles J. Monier (Paperback – May 25 2000)

Recommended text books :

Schaum\’s Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis by John O\’Malley (Jan 1, 1992) Circuit Analysis: An Integrated Approach by Jerome Zornesky and Stephen H. Maybar (Sep 24, 1999) Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, Textbook and Study Guide by J. David Irwin and R. Mark Nelms (Jun 30, 2006) Schaum\’s Outline of Electric Circuits, Fifth Edition (Schaum\’s Outline Series) by Mahmood Nahvi and Joseph Edminister (Jul 11, 2011)

Recommended refrences :