MEAM 301 – Auto analytical methods

Dr. Amna Said Mohamed

Course lecturer :

Eng.Abd Allah yousry
Eng.Kareem Saied
Eng.Nada Hegazy

Course assistant :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to; 1-Recognize the relation to anatomy and medicine. 2- Understand the Structure and function of human body. 3- Recognize the organization of the human systems. 4- Understand the body systems communication, integration and homeostasis.

Course objectives :

Introduction and the cell, nerve and muscle, autonomic nervous system, central nervous system blood, respiration, circulation (cardiovascular system), kidney, micronutrition, water and acid, base balance, digestive system, and endocrine glands.

Course description :

Grading (%) Attendance: 5 Mid-Term :15 Assignment: 5 Final exam (Practical): 25 Final exam (Written) :50 Total:100 5 15 5 25 50 100

Course assessment :

Automatic Methods of Analysis, Volume 9 1st Edition

Recommended text books :

BIELIK, L. – KOSTEREC, M. – ZOUHAR, M. (2014d): Model metódy (4): Aplikácia a klasifikácia. [The Model of Method (4): Application and Classification.] Filozofia 69, No. 9, 737-751.

Recommended refrences :