MDOP302 – Orthodontics/Pedodontics 2

Dr. Osama Safwat

Course lecturer :

Dr. Mohamed Gamal, Dr. Sally Mohamed

Course assistant :

At the completion of this course, the student will: Perform wire bending techniques for archwires, clasps, space maintainers, and springs. Prepare the cast for appliance. Bend wires for Hawley. Apply acrylic to base of Hawley. Construct space maintainer. Modify bands. Construct space regainer. Relate the use for and the construction techniques of the Anderson, Crozat, bite plane, Positioner, Nance and Swartz. Describe the principles of different soldering techniques. Demonstrate flame control and soldering techniques. Describe materials and construction techniques of mouth protectors and night guards. Perform construction of Vacuform mouthguard.

Course objectives :

Efforts will be directed to advancing the students understanding of appliance design requirements and the properties and uses of the materials from which they are constructed. New materials to be discussed include thermoplastic polymethyl methacrylate, heat treatable orthodontic wire, and light-cured urethane dimethacrylate.

Course description :

-Research project and interactive learning 5%
-Assignment (throughout the course) 5%
-Mid Term 15%
-Final exam (Practical) 25%
– Final exam (theoretical) 50%

Course assessment :

Adams, P. C. (Latest edition). The design and construction of removable orthodontic appliances. Bristol, England: John Wright & Sons Ltd. Hayes, P. (1988). Orthodontics for the lab technician. Wauwatosa, WI: Author. Nash, P. E. (Ed.). (1986). Removable orthodontics/simple tooth movement: Technical consideration. Milton, FL: Little House.

Recommended text books :

Rudd, K. D., et al. (1985). Dental laboratory procedures: Removable partial dentures (Vol. 3) (2nd ed.). St. Louis: Mosby. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. (Latest edition). Pedodontic appliances. Washington, DC: Author.

Recommended refrences :